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Questions and Discussion

I regret that I cannot answer individual homework and research questions by email. I also cannot engage in discussion or debate about this topic by email. There simply is not time for keeping web pages updated, working at my profession and having a life, if I were to answer such individual emails.  I thank you for understanding!

Reprint Permission

  • See Plagiarism, Copyright and Citing Online Sources for related information.
  • Short quotations from this site generally fall under the "fair use" provisions of the copyright act but must be attributed. If you'd like to copy more, please send an email to reprints@transcendentalists.com with information about which page(s) or images* you're asking to reprint, the use for which you're reprinting, and email contact information so I can get back to you.
  • Generally, permission will be granted for one-time use in individual research papers that are not being published in other forms and for one-time limited use in educational institutions, for instance as handouts.  Commercial requests will be considered.
  • I try to respond to reprint requests within 7-10 days.

* note that images labeled as coming from other sites (e.g. www.arttoday.com) cannot be reprinted without permission from the original source.  Please contact the cited source for permission on those items.  I can only give permission for use of images labeled as Jone Johnson Lewis.

Corrections and Updates

For typos and other similar errors:  please send an email to typos1@transcendentalists.com and include the URL of the page with the typo on it so that I can find it. (You can usually find the URL of the page on this site near the bottom of any page.)

For link and other content suggestions: please send an email to links@transcendentalists.com

To contact the webmaster on other matters: please send an email to contact@transcendentalists.com

Praise and other comments

Praise is welcome, of course, whether in the Discussions or via email.


This site maintained by Jone Johnson Lewis.

Occasionally, students, teachers and librarians ask for my credentials to assess the reliability of the information on this site.  So, here's the quick summary:

Jone Johnson Lewis
M.Div., 1981, Meadville/Lombard Theological School
Unitarian Universalist minister and Ethical Culture Leader

I have served as an adjunct faculty member at Meadville/Lombard in the UU history course (focusing on women in UU history). I served for 6 years on the American Ethical Union's Leadership Training Committee, chairing it for 2 years, responsible for curriculum and education as well as certification of Leaders (Ethical Culture clergy).  I currently serve on the faculty of the Humanist Institute.

I currently serve as the Leader of the Northern Virginia Ethical Society.  I am also the Women's History Guide at About.com -- at this writing, About.com is the #1 internet news and information site, and the 6th most popular web destination as measured by Media Metrix.


Jone Johnson
All rights

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